"It's not a Hustle it's a Service"

The Hair Sleeve was developed to provide Beauticians with a solution to easily access their tools and provide a more sanitary experience for their clients. The Hair Sleeve was designed with Beauticians, Barbers, Cosmetology Students and Makeup Artists in mind. We personally choose the fabric ensuring it feels great, looks great, and is easy to maintain. The product containers are detachable so they can be washed and cleaned thoroughly. The detachable pieces also increase the efficiency of the services being rendered, the interchangeable product containers allow for several containers to be ready on demand. Our purpose is to relieve the Beauticians, Locticians, and Braiders from putting the product on the back of their hands. This is significantly beneficial to those with skin allergies and skin conditions.


The Hair Sleeve is comprised of a middle strap that holds two detachable product containers and a variety of hair clips. On each side of the Hair Sleeve are Hair tool pockets that can hold Combs, crochet needles, or any small hair tools.  This product creates an overall better experience and a more professional appearance.


The Hair Sleeve is 100% customizable complimenting your personality while you showcase your work. So whatever design, color, or way you decide to use The Hair Sleeve we hope you enjoy your experience and continue to Redefine Beauty according to your needs. 


The Hair Sleeve is made by Beauticians for Beauticians.

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